The Alberta Divorce Process

Your marriage may become unbearable thereby making you consider divorce.  Couple should take time to understand their region legal requirement for a divorce.  Different countries and or states have different procedures for filing for divorce.  More Marriages are legal binding agreement, there to break the agreement you must have the authority of the court. The following is the divorce process in Alberta. 

 Couple should know the minimum required period in Alberta for them to present a divorce case.  Couples in all places have to have been married for at least a given number of years, for example, one year before they can file for divorce. 

 Alberta has come up with the reasons which can be used for the couples to request for a divorce.  Major grounds for asking for divorce in Alberta includes.

 If one of the couples is unfaithful in the relationship, then the other once can request the court for a divorce.  The major challenge is proving that your partner committed adultery if there are rejecting your claims.  You can also file for a divorce in Alberta on the basis on mistreatment, this may involve verbal abuse and physical assault. 

 Where the couple had been separated by the law after the passing of given time they have a right to request for divorce.  Separated couples do not have to necessarily move to separate units dues also if you are not talking to each other or living in same house but sleeping in different bedrooms that are also separation under Alberta law.  The idea behind separation law is that with time the things that caused the pain resulting in request for divorce may heal thus the couples will no longer need a divorce.

 A person by learning the above requirements saves on the divorce lawyer consultation fees.  Therefore making the couple aware of the divorce case has merit for presentation, thereby require a legal divorce counselor for the next steps.  Alberta divorce lawyers serves the following functions.  For more details about divorce law, visit .

 The divorce lawyer will supervise you as their client when filling the required divorce forms and will advise you on documents that should accompany the forms for example the marriage certificate either a copy or the original. 

Representing the couple in the divorce case hearing.  Divorce advocates also may request the couples to meet and talk before taking the case to court.  In the deposition the two sides advocates try to come up with agreement that is suitable for both parties in terms of who will keep the children and how the joint property will be allocated.  In situations where both partners sign the deposition papers then the court will only authorize it. However in most case couples will not agree therefore the case is forced to make a ruling.  Hence the outcome of the case is dependent upon having a lawyer who knows how to make the judge be on your side, click here to get started!